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UVM Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Mads Almassalkhi, who is the first joint appointee and joins PNNL as a Chief Scientist.

UVM establishes research collaboration with national laboratory of U.S. Department of Energy

September 21, 2021

In an effort for shared scientific advancement and research, UVM and a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory reached an agreement to collaborate. 

UVM established a joint appointment program with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and plans to pursue joint funding and collaborate on research, according to a Sept. 20 email from UVM Spokesperson Enrique Corredera. 

“Another objective of this program is to engage students in research and training opportunities under projects and grants and provide PNNL researchers the opportunity to enhance student experiences through mentoring and advising,” the email stated. 

Mads Almassalkhi, UVM CEMS associate professor of electrical engineering, led this effort for collaboration, and is the first joint appointee for the agreement.  Almassalkhi joins PNNL as Chief Scientist, the email stated. 

Almassalkhi works with PNNL on research, design and development projects to fund graduate student opportunities and enhance research for both UVM and PNNL, according to the email.

PNNL’s research in renewable energy and sustainability is central to UVM’s goals, UVM vice president for research Kirk Dombrowski stated..

This opportunity to partner with PNNL is a key bridge for advancing UVM research and creating a bidirectional collaboration that can help solve America’s future energy needs,” Dombrowski stated.

Karma Sawyer, director of PNNL’s electricity infrastructure and buildings division, stated Almassalkhi’s expertise serves as a valuable opportunity for collaboration.

Almassalkhi’s joint appointment will yield great scientific impact and build the future STEM workforce through student engagement in research projects, Sawyer said. 

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