Molly Parker

Choose self-love this Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022

I’ve never had a valentine on Valentine’s Day. This used to upset me in years past, but this year it’s not going to.

Valentine’s Day is associated with romance, chocolate and flowers. However, love doesn’t need to be romantic. 

Instead of crying over boys and moping about how lonely I am, this Valentine’s Day I’ll be practicing self-love.

Throughout the past year I have been on a long — and difficult — self-love journey. 

After experiencing a heartbreak that left me feeling broken last Valentine’s Day, I realized I needed to make a change. 

I had no idea how to love myself, so I started small. I began journaling, meditating and doing things for and by myself.

I slowly began to gain more independence and understanding of what self-love actually means to me. 

It was a long journey that took a lot more than journaling and yoga, but putting in the effort to love myself was worth it. 

Loving myself healed me.

There is not one single definition of self-love, nor one single way to practice it. Self-love can mean something different to everyone.

For me, it’s loving all the quirky and silly parts of myself and building confidence. 

Every day I go for a walk around campus. I pop in some earbuds and play my favorite music. In my mind I am performing the world’s greatest dance break.

Some days I return from my walk and do my little dance in front of the mirror, just for fun and for myself. 

Dancing and envisioning movement brings me confidence, happiness and makes me feel whole.

I even have a playlist called “Grace world” with all the songs my mind loves to perform to.

Maybe this isn’t the traditional way to practice self-love, but it’s what I do.

This Valentine’s Day, everyone should create their own definition of self-love and find happiness and appreciation for themselves. 

I cannot wait to spend this Valentine’s Day grooving, laughing and admiring the many sides of myself.

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