Molly McDermott

Meme accounts on Instagram bring smiles to UVM

February 22, 2022

My first year at UVM felt scary.

I came to Vermont from Seattle, and I had so much to learn about the school.

I had no idea what the Grundle was and people kept casually listing abbreviations such as CCRH, CALS and L/L, which only confused me more.

My experience was turned on its head by none other than UVM meme pages.

Laughter from these various Instagram pages, featuring hilarious visuals all around campus, saved me from moments that would have otherwise led to tears.

I realized other people shared my experiences with the prison-like dorms of Tupper and rock-hard fruit at the Grundle.

UVM meme accounts constructed a community for students.

Many pages have a specific focus, whether that be rating the UVM bathrooms, sharing ridiculous images on UVM’s Athletic campus or reviewing meals at Harris-Millis Dining Hall.

These meme pages cultivated collections of hilarious photography that makes one question, who stapled a pancake to that bulletin board. Yet, they offer something far more important: camaraderie.

Like myself, other students feel disappointed when the fire alarm is set off at 2 a.m. or when a shower door is stolen.

In these situations, rather than feeling alone and upset, meme pages allow me to share a laugh about various ridiculous scenarios that happen on campus.

Students have taken to sharing their own images of shocking situations to these meme pages through Instagram direct messages.

This caused a chain reaction of posts shared amongst students, snowballing laughter throughout the community.

Any UVM students looking for a sprinkle of positivity and a handful of laughter should check out @rallycatffirmations.

@rallycatffirmations tells me exactly what I need to hear whether that be, “i navigate blackboard with grace and ease” or the fact that “i WILL get married in the davis center tunnel.”

On the frequent days where I find myself disappointed by a Grundle meal, I look to @grundlelover.

The page is sure to reflect exactly how I feel.

These pages are constantly being created, so stay on the lookout for new Instagram handles, and if inspiration strikes, think about creating one.

Who knows, it may just make someone’s day.

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