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Mini opinions: The most underrated holiday

April 12, 2023

With hundreds of holidays going on around the world each year, some are bound to get overlooked. Luckily, the Cynic’s opinion staff are here to shed some light on a handful of these underrated holidays.

Max Akom – Easter

I am not a religious person, but like many other atheists in the U.S., I still end up celebrating Christmas and Easter. Often I feel that, for a lot of people, Christmas overshadows Easter. 

There is nothing more bizarre or interesting than spending a Sunday rooting around for eggs in the woods. It is one of those rare days where children are encouraged to act like children. 

I think we need more candy and egg hunting in our lives. What is not to love about turning into a faux truffle hog for an afternoon? 

Emma Dinsmore – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love.

Galentine’s Day has completely reshaped the idea of Valentine’s Day for many—the celebration of friendship, family and kindness is just as important as romance.

Valentine’s Day is also the most aesthetically pleasing holiday.

Every year as soon as January 2 rolls around, I’m instantly decorating my entire life with pink and hearts, and most of the time they don’t come down until fall.

The celebration of chocolate and flowers is also something I can always get behind.

If you don’t have a significant other to celebrate with, spending Valentine’s Day with friends—or in the Target dollar section—is just as fulfilling.

Busy Anderson – Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day in the U.S. is hardly treated like a holiday. We get more excited for Fridays, and there are 52 of them every year. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll get reminded a few days before by storefront posters or suggestive comments by someone wanting to be celebrated. You might scribble broad sentiments on a $2 card or come across bodega roses the day of. 

Whether you’re a family person or not, we all know a mother who would appreciate your appreciation. Most moms don’t even ask for much at all, so showing some love is nearly effortless and definitely deserved.

Opposite Day – Sophia Balunek

Opposite Day is the most overrated holiday—ever. 

Spongebob Squarepants was my introduction to this holiday in its episode titled “Opposite Day.”

In the episode, Spongebob, an energetic and happy character, acts like Squidward, his sad and boring neighbor.

Opposite Day can be declared any day at any time and therefore makes anything just said the opposite of what was meant. 

For example, if I tell my friend they belong at Weenie Hut Jr.’s and they get upset, I can simply declare it Opposite Day and everything is dandy.

My favorite thing about Opposite Day is that it calls into question the essence of life. What would happen if we misunderstood everything that was said to us? What, then, is the purpose of language? Is it a dated concept no longer needed in the modern era? 

Mary Kueser – Leap Day

Once every four years, we are graced by a phenomenon that often goes unnoticed or, at least, unappreciated: a full extra day.

In a world that moves as quickly as this one, I often feel like I’m always running out of time. There never seems to be enough days in the week to do everything I want to. So when Leap Day comes around, I bask in the glory of an extra day to relax, socialize or explore. 

Maybe one extra day won’t drastically change the intense and unceasing passage of time. But it’s comforting to know that, every now and then, things slow down just enough to give us a little more time to enjoy where we are.

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