Mini Opinions: The opinion staff’s favorite places on campus

February 7, 2022

Sofia Gratton

Emily Johnston: Howe Library skybridge study area

The best place to hangout on campus is the study area next to the Howe Library skybridge.

While studying, I like to play a game where I count the number of people wearing blue winter coats. 

The floor to ceiling windows allow my eye to spot the coats in the distance, a welcome screen break from my computer.

Additionally, the soft sounds of friends whispering or bottles opening gives this space the right amount of white noise for me to focus on work.

The small sounds of shuffling are grounding, which makes this my favorite place on campus.

Sofia Gratton

Emma Dinsmore: Athletic campus

Anywhere on Athletic campus is my favorite place at UVM.

Being a resident of Trinity campus can often feel isolating.

With the Grundle, the Marché, Skinny Pancake, Patrick Gym and the amphitheater, Athletic campus feels like another world.

The shorter walk to my classes on Central campus is also a nice perk.

I can’t imagine having all of those amenities just a few steps from my dorm instead of a mile long walk away.

I definitely know where I’m going to live next year.

Sofia Gratton

Grace Visco: Redstone green

My favorite spot to enjoy the outdoors on campus is the Redstone green.

The best part of my day is getting outside.

Located right next to the pine trees and in front of Redstone Hall, the green is the perfect place to watch the sunset, play some frisbee or crochet with friends. 

I take a walk every day around campus, and I make sure to walk through the Redstone green. Its peaceful setting and scenic view is a great break to my hectic day.

As someone who doesn’t live on Redstone, it’s nice to see a different part of campus and change my scenery. 

The Redstone green is the perfect place to have fun or ease your mind.

Sofia Gratton

Christophe Meunier: Basketball courts

My favorite hangout spot at UVM is the basketball courts next to UHeights.

Whether I’m shooting hoops or taking in the scene of drunk first-years wandering between parties, the basketball court offers everything I could possibly want. 

The amount of cool people I’ve run into and friends I’ve made there is insane.

All you need is a basketball to experience a positive social interaction and become very popular.

This culture is why these basketball courts are my favorite place on campus. 

Sofia Gratton

Vivian Finck: The Amphitheater

Nestled between the Harris-Millis complex and Marsh-Austin-Tupper residence halls, the Athletic campus amphitheater is the perfect place to kill time on campus.

The staggered steps of grass and stone are ideal for soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the view of Mt. Mansfield straight ahead. 

Not only is it a beautiful location, but the array of mini-boulders provides the necessary back support for getting some reading done without any hunched-over pains. 

During the warmer months, students can even watch hot air balloons over the mountain range for a picturesque Vermont moment. 

Izzy Pipa

Alexander McMurray: Trinity campus spaces

My favorite spot on campus are the crawl spaces on Trinity campus, narrow spaces within the buildings.

College can often feel overwhelming. The crawl spaces are quiet, isolated and let me relax for a while.

It’s usually the best part of my day. The asbestos is just another quirk.

The walk back to Redstone is a cost I’m willing to pay.

I’m still not living on Trinity though.

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