Mini Opinions: The scariest place on campus

October 26, 2021


Izzy Pipa

Spencer Hurlburt: Harris-Millis is an eerie building for the brave

The Harris-Millis prison, or as UVM says, “dormitory,” is undoubtedly the spookiest place on campus. 

Many think the spookiest places are Old Mill, or the castle-like Converse hall.   

While these buildings look like the set of a Stephen King movie, they aren’t the spookiest places on campus.

Harris-Millis isn’t just scary on Halloween. It’s scary all the time. 

Any outsider who walks into the complex will feel lost and disoriented.  

Sounds echo through the halls with no way to figure out where they came from. Around each blind corner is a chilling experience in this prison-like dorm.

The whitewashed, riot-proof halls are eerie making Harris-Millis a place that only the brave could live in.  


Angelika Hillios

Grace Visco: Jeanne Mance scares all on Pearl Street

There’s nothing spookier than COVID-19.

For that reason, Jeanne Mance is the spookiest place on campus.

I’ve never been inside — and sincerely hope I never will — but the way the building towers over Pearl Street in all its doom and gloom is frightening

My class in Cohen Hall is right across the street from Jeanne Mance and every morning when I pass the notorious quarantine dorm, I can’t help but feel the eerie vibes of sick, isolated and sad people.

Jeanne Mance is the place nobody wants to go. 


Sofia Gratton

Tori Scala: The ghosts of Converse Hall are scary

Believe it or not, people actually live in Converse Hall. 

I lived in Converse Hall during my sophomore year.

From the outside, its gothic appearance seems dark and mysterious, and to no one’s surprise the inside is no different. 

If you aren’t familiar, an attic connects all three towers and there are many stories as to what happened before renovations. 

Fellow hallmates told ghost stories about the attic, sending shivers down my spine. 

The stories, along with footsteps belonging to no one and unexplained loud bangs convinced me the dorm was haunted. 

If that isn’t creepy enough to make you spooked, you’re tougher than me! 


Sofia Gratton

Emma Petrequin: The ‘Lamentations’ sculptures are secretly monsters

Anyone who has seen “Doctor Who” is familiar with the terrifying Weeping Angels. 

Weeping Angels are statues of angels that move when a person blinks, slowly getting closer to a victim until the statues can touch them, killing them.

When I saw the show in my youth, I took comfort in the fact that they weren’t real. 

How naïve I was. Lo and behold, here, on UVM’s campus, right in front of Fleming Museum and across from Central Campus Dining Hall, are the Weeping Angels of UVM. 

These faceless statues with flowing skirts of metal haunt my nightmares. 

They look to be frozen in time, ready to pounce on unassuming students lounging in hammocks between the trees they stand in. 

Surely they won’t move from their welded forms, but I never look away just in case.


Izzy Pipa

Emily Johnston: The maze of Perkins Hall is terrifying

I am scared of Perkins Hall.

It might just be the fact I’ve only ever had math classes there, but Perkins is the spookiest place on campus.

The old building is nestled in between the newer giants of Innovation and Discovery in an area of campus that is maze-like.

The building itself is small, with classrooms appearing at each turn of the staircase. It’s twisting and turning hallways heighten the feeling of unease while inside Perkins.

There’s no telling who will come around the corner when walking up those stairs.

It’s that feeling, not knowing who will appear around the corner, that makes this place scary for me.


Izzy Pipa

Emma Dinsmore: Hills Agricultural Building is old and spooky

Hills Agricultural Building is falling apart at the seams.  

In the middle of my English class in Hills 122, a piece of concrete from the ceiling broke off and almost hit someone on the head. It landed a couple feet away from them.

In combination with the terrifying concrete incident, the old run down feeling of the building is definitely spooky. 

In general, the building looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. My classroom still has old chalkboards, paint chipping off the walls and even asbestos. 

Hills may not be haunted, but I still get creeped out walking through the building, hoping I won’t get hit by a falling piece of the ceiling.

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