Nicole Bidol

Professors should provide remote lecture options

February 25, 2022

Clicking play on a lecture, a cup of coffee in hand, from the comfort of one’s own living room is an underrated comfort lost to in-person lectures.

Online courses are accessible and should be available for all classes taught, as some people have circumstances that prevent them from consistently attending in-person class.

UVM offered a completely at-home education for fall 2020, according to University communications.

They continued this offer in spring 2021, according to the At-Home FAQ.

After plenty of experience with an online method of learning, I realized students should have the option to pursue their degree through online learning.

Immunocompromised students put themselves at great risk of getting COVID-19 if they attend classes in-person.

Weakened immune systems cause a greater risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19, according to the CDC.

With the option to stay home, these students can still get an education without risking their health.

Additionally, students positive with COVID-19 cannot come to class.

Having an online option alleviates the pressure of the pandemic by promoting learning outside of a scheduled lecture time.

UVM currently offers a variety of online courses.

“We’ve been doing online education for over 20 years as an accredited university and offer more than 500 online courses to meet the needs of students across the world,” Online and Distance Education webpage stated.

Despite offering extensive online courses, there are still many subjects that lack complete online options.

UVM’s online course option should expand from 500 courses to all courses offered at UVM.

The online format forces professors to supply course material outside of the classroom.

Students can focus more on understanding the content of class instead of just jotting it down, as all of the slides will usually be posted after or even prior to the lecture.

All classrooms supply a computer, projector, webcam and a webcam-integrated microphone, according to UVM Classroom Technology.

The technology for the successful filming of lectures is already in place, so professors can record and post their material

A simple system does not work for everyone, and having multiple learning options will make UVM more accessible.

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn.

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