Izzy Pipa

Sex is awesome, have it

December 6, 2021

College is a beautiful time. It’s the crossroad between youth and adulthood. The time when many people truly experiment with sex for the first time.

Students shouldn’t feel pressured to refrain from sex with different partners just because of what other people may think.

This advice is stereotypically easier for those who identify as male than who do not.

Slut shaming is defined by Soraya Chemaly, an activist and writer, as insulting someone for real or assumed sexual behavior, according to a June 2016 Teen Vogue article.

The public should not view female-identifying students as stripped of their innocence for behaving like their male-identifying counterparts.

Society should allow all genders the same sexual freedom as men, understanding everyone has similar urges and needs.

Sex is nothing to be ashamed about, it’s how each of us got here.

Now is the time to sexually explore, while still practicing safe, consensual sex.

I’m open to having sex with unforseen partners.

Sometimes, what one is looking for has been right in front of them the whole time.

Sex has no inherent meaning. Its only value is whatever each individual person arbitrarily assigns to it.

Casual sex between friends is great in my experience.

I think it’s important to figure out personal sexual likes and dislikes before potentially making an eternal commitment to one partner.

I needed to have bad sex to figure out what great sex is.

Sex should never be a selfish activity. It’s not enjoyable unless all partners are having fun. Sex should involve stimulation for all partners.

Communication is also key. I tell my partners what I like and dislike and I expect the same so we can both enjoy the experience.

In the end, putting the work in to fully stimulate a partner will only make the sex better for everyone involved.

Don’t be ashamed and never forget, it’s cool to be a whore.

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