Izzy Pipa

The School of the Arts in CAS inspires creativity

February 23, 2022

I went to a high school called School of the Arts. It was sort of like Hollywood Arts from “Victorious,” unfortunately without the cool lockers.

I spent my first two years in the theater program, and switched to the writing and literature program starting my junior year. I loved that place, and I am so grateful I received such a strong arts education.

When the Office of the Provost sent an email on Feb. 5 explaining the creation of a School of the Arts inside CAS, I immediately became excited, even though I study public communications.

The creation of an integrated School of the Arts within CAS creates a higher potential for arts students at UVM to be exposed to many disciplines, and work to create art that all of the UVM community will be able to enjoy.

Currently, each of the arts programs within CAS have their own department, according to the list of majors, degrees and programs on the CAS website. Art and art history is separate from dance and theater, which is separate from music.

This separation limits the amount of collaboration students can participate in across disciplines.

For a long time, I thought theater was my calling, as I had no experience in any other creative field. I had no reason to leave theater, but no chances to explore other fields.

If my high school did not expose me to different artistic disciplines, I would not be sitting here writing this column, or any columns, or poems, or books or the play I won awards for that changed my life.

With the creation of the School of the Arts, the potential for these artists to explore and experiment with their art forms grows incredibly.

There is a lot of potential for musicians to create songs dancers can choreograph, or performance art that combines the strongest parts of visual art and theater.

I remember the first time I was exposed to creative writing when my theater program worked with the writing program to help us write our own monologues. Now, I write every day and am building my career on my writing.

Exposure to other disciplines opened my world up and allowed me to explore my interests and passions, which truly made me who I am today.

The School of the Arts has the potential to be a fantastic space for artists of every medium to grow in their practice and love of their art.

I do not know what the future of the School of the Arts holds, but I cannot wait to witness all of the amazing works the artists of UVM will make.

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