Jamie Kaplan

Some UVM students exploring the town at night.

A trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming through the lens

March 25, 2022

Over spring break, the UVMS Ski and Snowboard Club led a trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming. With my camera in hand, I documented the trip, day by day.

During the day, I skied with my camera, photographing mountains and people. At night, I photographed the stars, the snow and the harsh climate of Wyoming. This photo series shows a little bit of what life is like in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Getting off the plane in JAC, surrounded by mountains. (Jamie Kaplan)
A man boarding a plane at JAC airport. (Jamie Kaplan)
Sophomores Pat Kowalsky, Josh Fike and Ben DesRoberts. explore the condos and surrounding area. (Jamie Kaplan)
The view from the top of Teton Peak. (Jamie Kaplan)
A father and his son enjoying the view from the top of the Tram. (Jamie Kaplan)
A group of students exploring the well-lit cowboy sculpture in town in Jackson Town Square park.
(Jamie Kaplan)
Snow shot at an ISO of 3200, Aperature (F) 3.5-6, with an 18mm lens. (Jamie Kaplan)
Some UVM students exploring the town at night. (Jamie Kaplan)

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