Artistic interpretations of Vermont fall

October 7, 2021

In triptych format, our Cynic illustrators each described how autumn can enhance our environment and lift our hearts.


Each artist chose varying styles and colors to create a representation that captures how uniquely bewitching fall in Vermont can be. 

Abby Kaiser

Fall is my favorite season of the year because I love the activities and the food. I drew pumpkins because one of my favorite activities is going pumpkin picking and carving. -Abby Kaiser

Eleni Pappas

I wanted to draw one of my favorite things about fall in Vermont; not only how the leaves change color but how different the veins look. I love finding bright scarlet leaves on the sidewalk with striking white veins running through them, they’re so stunning to look at. -Eleni Pappas

Sofia Gratton

I like pups, and I like piles of leaves. So why not together? -Sofia Gratton

Iris Benson-Sulzer

I came up with this idea after noticing people wearing their face masks around their wrists while walking to class. As times change, the beautiful colors of autumn in Burlington remain the same. -Iris Benson-Sulzer


Izzy Pipa

There are some people that remind me of those uniquely colorful leaves you sometimes find during fall. Here’s a little guy being super colorful. -Izzy Pipa

Wenzdae Wendling

I grew up in Vermont and loved playing in the leaves when I was younger. Fall reminds me of being a kid again. -Wenzdae Wendling

Nicholas Wendell

The focus of this series was to portray the architectural, as well as natural characteristics that give this state its rustic charm. -Nick Wendell

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