Eric Scharf

The crosswalk at the intersection of Main Street by University Heights as photographed at 12 am on Monday, Sept. 26.

Midnight at UVM: five photos, five nights

October 8, 2021

If you look up “UVM” on Google, you’ll come across photos of the campus on a bright sunny day. The shots may include scenes of students walking to classes or a soccer game taking place at Virtue Field.

The search results exclude any photos of the campus at midnight, a time of day often seen by few. Campus is different once the clock strikes twelve.

These five photos taken across five nights provide a glimpse into UVM’s campus when a new day just begins.

A statue in the green behind CCRH as photographed at midnight on Tuesday, Sept. 27. (Eric Scharf)
A Blue Light Emergency Tower on Athletic campus as photographed at midnight on Wednesday, Sept. 28. (Eric Scharf)
The night sky photographed from behind the outdoor running track at midnight on Thursday, Sept. 29. (Eric Scharf)
Students walking across the Athletic campus green are photographed at midnight on Friday, Sept. 30. (Eric Scharf)

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