Through the lens: study spots around UVM

December 2, 2021

As thousands of students prepare for their final exams and complete end of semester projects, ideal work spaces are in high demand. 

Aside from the Howe library, UVM has a plethora of lesser known and sometimes hidden study spots that cater to the varying study environments students look for. 

This photo essay captures study spaces that range in noise, temperature and level of solitude. 

Senior Erin Bucchin and junior Molly Hetzel sit inside of Hendersons Nov. 16. Bucchin said she loves studying by the large Henderson windows. (Kate Vanni)
Junior Evan McManus studies on the first floor of the library outside of CatPause because he said without the noise his mind wanders. (Kate Vanni)
Junior Danielle Stone works by the pool tables on the first floor of the Davis Center because she said the background noise helps her study. (Kate Vanni)
Standing desks are installed outside the Dana Medical Library Nov. 17. (Kate Vanni)
The UVM Greenhouses have a few benches available for students to escape the cold air and study among plants. The Greenhouse is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Kate Vanni)
First-year Maggie Paterson studies inside of Aiken Nov. 17. Paterson chose to sit on a stone wall instead of studying at one of the high tables. (Kate Vanni)
A student studies in the Aiken Center using a stone wall as a standing desk Nov. 17. (Kate Vanni)
Senior Charlotte O’Brien studies in an empty conference room inside of Aiken Nov. 17. (Kate Vanni)
Students who live in Central Campus Residence Hall can find a chair soaking in the sun at the end of their hallways if they wake up early enough. (Kate Vanni)
The Dewey Lounge in Old Mill is faintly lit with light pouring in through the stained glass windows Nov. 17. (Kate Vanni)

For students who prefer the library, there are varying noise levels throughout the library beginning with the talking level on the first floor and ending with the silent level on the third floor.

Two students sit outside of the Howe Library to do their studying Nov. 17. There are outlets for students who prefer a little cold air while they do their studying. (Kate Vanni)
Two students study together on the first floor of the library near the media desk Nov. 17.
(Kate Vanni)
Students looking for quiet but not silent study places can find them on the second floor of the library.
(Kate Vanni)
Along with standard desks the second floor of the library has dividers for students who need to focus on their work. (Kate Vanni)
Students who need absolute silence should make their way to the third floor of the library. (Kate Vanni)

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