A street in Oslo flanked by a Christmas market (left) and a governmental parliament building (right).

Traveling: A winter-break family tradition

January 27, 2023

It all started when the plane landed in Oslo, Norway. As my family and I stepped foot into the cold Scandinavian air, our eleven day journey had officially begun.

I had my camera with me every second of every day. Here’s a look into the travels of a Cynic photographer through Norway and Denmark.


Festive lights on a decorative arch in the town square in Oslo.
A “girl in red” with a beautiful smile. Permission was granted upon photographing.
The aurora borealis from our resort in Alta, Norway. The green and purple blend of color was magical as it glimmered in the sky.
The starry-night view from Lake Nipijärvi in Alta.
A sustainable electricity production factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. This city is known for being one of the most eco-friendly in the world, so much so that this one plant provides electricity for all of Copenhagen.
An architectural yet scenic view of a waterway from the center of Copenhagen, our last stop on our trip.
A tourist taking a photo of the beautiful Copenhagen architecture.
A New Year’s Eve celebration on our last night of the trip.

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