Vermont summer 2021 through the lens

September 1, 2021

Vermont Summer is a series I curated over the summer of 2021 to document how Vermonters were turning to normalcy as the vaccination rates rose and the positive COVID-19 test results declined.

A single car parks in front of screen three at the Sunset Drive-In where “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” is playing June 21. (Kate Vanni)
A movie-goer orders food inside the Sunset Drive-In Snack Bar June 21. (Kate Vanni)
The projector light of Sunset Drive-In cuts a path of light across the dark sky June 21. (Kate Vanni)
During a long exposure, thousands of bugs can be seen flying in the light of the projector June 21. (Kate Vanni)
Two tourists are on a date at the drive-in, sitting in their trunk with the back window popped open to see the screen. (Kate Vanni)
A local family of four eats Chipotle as they wait for the sun to set so the movie can begin. (Kate Vanni)
The ticketer for the Sunset Drive-In smiles, sitting in front of the collection window. (Kate Vanni)
The roar of the pickup truck’s engine as it pulls a tractor rises above the cheer from the crowd members lined up to see who will win the tractor pull competition. (Kate Vanni)


A prize cow pokes its head out of the barn after its job in the cow show is done. (Kate Vanni)
Reverend Barbara Miller, a street minister from Morrisville, Vermont, takes a break in the shade of the pavilion to escape the heat of the field day. (Kate Vanni)
Two kids play with their dad in the fair’s funhouse. (Kate Vanni)
















A couple orders cotton candy from one of the many food trucks at the field day event. (Kate Vanni)
A mother and daughter ride the carousel together while the daughter points at the dragon ride, spinning next to them. (Kate Vanni)















Screams can be heard as this fair ride flips and spins in the air. (Kate Vanni)
Two young girls raise their hands above their heads as they spin through the air on a flying car ride. (Kate Vanni)















A child plays in a cloud of bubbles that are being produced by a bubble truck. (Kate Vanni)
One of the ferry captains reads a book while the ferry travels across Lake Champlain. (Kate Vanni)
Peaks on the waves rise and break as the ferry cruises through a light rainstorm. (Kate Vanni)
Calvin Thayer and Fiona sit on the edge of a platform at the A_Dog skatepark July 27. (Kate Vanni)
Kate Vanni

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