Alex G’s “Beach Music” Album Review


 Cover of Alex G's new album, "Beach Music" .
Cover of Alex G’s new album, “Beach Music” .

The ability of music to straddle the line between happiness and sadness is exemplified in “Beach Music,” a new release from electronic experimentalist Alexander Giannascoli, also known as Alex G.

He cannot be confined by one single genre since he borrows from countless styles and echoes many different types of artists. Yet, all songs on this album are unified by a sweet, wistful feel which makes “Beach Music” an Alex G archetype.

At first listen, the album sounds rough and disorganized. “Intro” gives way to muffled guitar twangs and muted drum licks which do not quite fall together correctly. But if you keep listening, the noise suddenly smoothly transitions into “Bug,” in which gloomy strums and bright riffs contrast with each other and create a sound full of both despair and joy at the same time.

Giannascoli tends to play with pitch which adds emotional depth and variety. “Kicker” features a low-toned voice, expressing a wistful and dragging sentiment. However, the catchy strums and quick beat make for a sad but lighthearted track.

Falsetto on “Station” sends the listener into a dreamy trance as a warped electric guitar adds a dark, twisted backdrop. Silly vocals and lyrics counteract the creepy sensation generated by manipulated instrumentals and a slow, droning noise.

Depending on your mood, “Beach Music” changes its colors. If you’re feeling happy, it will play right along. On a beautiful day, the album goes well with sunlight and a cool breeze, given its pretty guitar layers and dimensional vocals.

It also happens to be an essential “rainy day album.” Fuzzy piano and a warm horn on “In Love” set a melancholy mood and integrate with rain tapping on the windows.

It plays easily, each song flowing into the next seamlessly and thus making for an ideal studying, sleeping or hiking soundtrack. If you listen closely, the intricacies of the album become evident, intriguing and graceful.

No matter your musical preference, the delicate trance of “Beach Music” is impossible not to fall in love with.


4.5/5 stars