Band tours for their new album

 The band brings their distinct sound to Higher Ground on November 15th.
The band brings their distinct sound to Higher Ground on November 15th.

A psychedelic techno group returning to Higher Ground Nov. 15.

Papadosio is touring for their new album, “Extras in A Movie,” released earlier this year carrying a very orchestral and cerebral yet jammy vibe.

The upcoming show will be showcasing a lot of new material, drummer Mike Healy said.

Through their current tour they have created a large psychedelic movie theatre space set up, band member Anthony Thogmartin said.

“Its cool because this time we decided to have rehearsals that didn’t just consist of us playing our instruments but the last rehearsals we had before we left for the tour we really tried to synchronize and organize what was happening in the visual realm,” Thogmartin said.

“We have been really going hard on the improve game every night,” Healy said in regards to the music being performed each night.

The band is confident the show will be a spectacle. They said their sound and visuals are on point, and that this might be “the most unified show,” they’ve done yet.  

“I’m not familiar with the new album, so I’m always excited to see the old stuff that I started liking them for. I’m excited to see how their music is changing and how their newest album is different from their past albums,” sophomore Alex Rose said.

Rose said she has been to a number of Papadosio shows in the past.

“I like how they would incorporate a lot of social messages in their music, so I liked how the crowd is more conscious of what’s going on around them, not only at the concert but at the world around us,” Rose said. “I like how Papadosio uses their music to bring awareness to certain topics.”

Sophomore Julie Stasiuk has been been listening to Papadosio for a number of years.

“I like how they have a clean sound, and they’re funky and you can dance to it,” Stasiuk said. “It makes me feel happy and euphoric and I like to listen to it.”