Pop artist performs bland set

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Singer Nate Ruess of fun. and The Format performs at Higher Ground Nov. 19. Ruess is currently on tour for his solo debut album, “Grand Romantic.”

A room filled with high- heeled preteens and dads set the tone for Thursday night’s show at Higher Ground.

Even though he’s an acclaimed pop musician, Nate Ruess is just another uncreative pop star who has too big of an ego for the music he makes and the show he puts on.

It was hard to keep from laughing hysterically during the entire show.

As the concert went on, I realized that not only did every song sound the same, but each also had a mashup of the same cliché catch phrase, “we are all shining stars,” in the chorus.

To add to the ridiculousness of Ruess’ show, the opening act, Surfer Blood, was only slightly better, providing a lame pop- rock intro to the comedy that was Nate Ruess.

The only redeeming quality was the high energy level Ruess carried on stage.

Despite the uncreative music and lyrics, he is a capable dancer and clearly more of a performer than a lyricist or musician.

Even so, with multiple high jumps and overly passionate belts while singing, the stage was so dynamic with movement that it appeared too forced.

The dancing didn’t deter from what was really just a pompous man with inauthentic lyrics.

There wasn’t even a light show to make things somewhat interesting.

During Surfer Blood’s set, there were even some technical difficulties that were made obvi- ous by the group, who stopped playing several times complain- ing of sound malfunctions.

Perhaps if you were below the age of 15 it might have been something you’d enjoy, but if you don’t meet that require- ment, don’t worry.

You didn’t miss anything worth paying for.