Pop duo returns to scene

For five years, Ratatat fans were left in the dark, wondering what the band was up to.

The feeling when Ratatat released “Cream on Chrome” April 11 was similar to the pivotal scene in “The Lion King” where Rafiki’s voodoo powers reveal that Simba is still alive.  The electronic pop duo has officially risen from the dead. Coachella’s lineup was the first indication that Ratatat has returned. However, the extent of their return was left ambiguous.

“Cream on Chrome” assured that Ratatat is back and better than ever. Its groovy electronic beat makes it nearly impossible to resist rhythmically bobbing your head. “Cream on Chrome” is a roller coaster of sound. There are points throughout the song where you wonder whether you’re still listening to the same track. Only after it becomes familiar, via the repeat button, can you truly appreciate Ratatat’s ability to incorporate so many different sounds into one track.

“Gettysburg,” from their album “Classics,” is a basic roller coaster of varying hills and speedy turns. The slow-grind electronic guitar overlaps the rapid pace bass, which is what makes it a thrilling ride. “Seventeen Years,” also from “Classics,” can sometimes inspire the listener to embrace a career in rap politics. Listening to this track shows us what it’s like to be an aspiring rapper, while also demonstrating how versatile Ratatat’s music can be.

The track “Alps” is ideal for freestyling, whether you’re a master emcee or a rookie in the rap game. This is perfect since Ratatat has even dabbled with some hip-hop. They helped produce two tracks on Kid Cudi’s album, “Man on the Moon,” which earned them recognition within the rap industry. “Alive”, infuses rap, hip hop, and electronic pop all at once.

Ratatat has yet to announce any future plans for the band. Despite their inconsistency over the past few years, we can only hope for more surprises like “Cream on Chrome.”