(Kyle Elms)

Kyle Elms

Sweater Weather

October 9, 2020

As the sporadic rain storms fell down upon the cold Flynn St. cement, customers shuffled around, looking to buy sweaters and various antiques from the Vintage Lifestyle Marketplace.

There was never overcrowding, but with a constant stream of customers flowing through, there were always people browsing the sometimes bizarre wears from inside the store, or looking through the racks of cozy-looking sweaters.

The woman running the pop-up shop from Olann and Wool knew personally who most of the sweaters were from.

Oftentimes being from children that outgrew them to older nephews that had no more use for them.

The pop-up shop attracted a variety of people anywhere from families with kids, to the more talkative college-age folk, many sporting UVM masks and appeal.

There were many textural interests and oddball antiques to take pictures of that made for a feeling of childlike interest in how many nooks and crannies there were to explore.

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