Arraignment held for suspect of burglaries

Students are upset after not being reimbursed for items that were stolen from their rooms this semester. These students said they have not even have been informed that the suspected burglar had been arrested.

The Winooski man suspected of the multiple dorm burglaries was arraigned in court Feb. 17. Samuel Blatt faces burglary, possession of stolen property and false pretense charges, according to the press release.

After his arraignment, Blatt was transferred from Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility to Northwest State Correctional Facility in Swanton, according to the Vermont Department of Corrections Agency of Human services.

Scheduling for Blatt should be  at 1 p.m. March 18, according to the court calendar for the Chittenden Criminal Division.

Blatt was arrested for  burglaries on the first floor of Wing Hall and on the second floor of Wright Hall, according to Blatt’s criminal records.

Blatt remains a suspect in relation to another burglary on the second floor of Wright Hall, and for burglary on the first floor of McAuley Hall which took place over winter break, according to his criminal records.

Prior to his arrest in relation to the UVM burglaries, Blatt had been in custody at Northwest State Correctional Facility for violation of parole conditions, according to the affidavit.

He had been taken into custody  Jan. 22, shortly after the burglaries, according to the affidavit. He refused to speak with police from the facility  Jan. 28, according to the affidavit.

Sophomore Patrick Shea lives in the Wing Hall dorm room that Blatt has been arrested for breaking into. He lost an Xbox, an Ipad 2 and $160 in cash, among other things, he said.

“We got back from the dining hall, and the whole room looked like it had been ransacked,” Shea said. “I even made a joke that our room looked like it had been burglarized, until I realized my stuff was actually gone. He tried to get into a few rooms, the RD’s room next door was also broken into.”

David Urso, a UVM first-year is living in a McAuley 1 dorm that Blatt is suspected of breaking into, according to court records. He has been reimbursed through UVM for his television and Xbox, Urso said..

“UVM helped me get my stuff back,” Urso said. “Joe Russell, associate director of ResLife, took me to Best Buy and bought me a new TV and Xbox.”

However, Shea has not been reimbursed through UVM for his Xbox and $160 in cash, he said.

“We didn’t even know that the burglar was caught until now, the police said they’d tell us when [the burglar] was caught” Shea said.

“I’m kind of angry, I want to be reimbursed” he said.

First-year Matthew Werner said that after his McAuley dorm room was burglarized last December, he and his roommate had to purchase new laptops, as there was no compensation through UVM.

After being burglarized twice, Werner and his two roommates all moved out, according to their former neighbor on McAuley 1.

“Both of the kids next door moved out after being burglarized twice, they had two laptops taken,” first year Joshua Gervais said.