UPDATE: Greene Street murder linked to “drugs and drug distribution”, police say


The investigation continues in the case of the homicide that occurred on Greene Street Jan. 3.

Former UVM student Kevin DeOliveira was found dead in his home. The death has been ruled a homicide, according to Burlington Police.

“The investigation has revealed that there is a high likelihood that Kevin’s murder has a nexus to drugs and drug distribution,” a Jan. 20 press release stated.

Matt Porter, a friend of DeOliveria’s, said he believed the murder was, “100 percent drug related.”

Police were able to narrow their investigation down to the avenue of drug distribution through leads from both public tips, and DeOliviera’s friends and contacts, according to the Jan. 20 release.

At this point releasing more details could “compromise the integrity of the investigation”, the Jan.20 release stated.  

Students living downtown have been impacted by the murder.

 “Last year, we always felt safe because we were surrounded by college students, but I guess you always have to be careful,” said Samantha Russo, who lived on Greene Street next door to DeOliveria last year.

Investigators say there is no threat to public safety and they haven’t discovered anything that leads them to believe that there is any ongoing danger to the public.


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