SGA Updates

SGA Updates

One in Four

The all-male student organization One in Four was recognized as an official UVM club. It is an “all-male sexual assault peer education group,” according to their website.


Food Delivery to Police Officers

SGA senators are volunteering to bring food to Burlington police officers before they start their shifts, April 12.


Advising Center

Although funds don’t exist for building an advising center, the proposal is not off the table.


Academic Calendar

A new academic calendar is being created with an aim to have it implemented within the next five years.


Men’s Rugby

The men’s rugby team is looking to expand their season into the spring and to broaden their list of competitors.


Redstone Express

There are actions being taken to have the Redstone Express bus route run longer into the night.


International Students

Efforts are being made to determine a way to have international students be more integrated in on-campus housing.


Women of Color Coalition

Steps are being taken to create a Women of Color Coalition on campus.