SGA Updates March 1

SGA Updates March 1

Wheeli Co-founder gives presentation

Jean-Pierre Adechi, co-founder of the app Wheeli, introduced the app to the SGA senate.  Wheeli is an app exclusively for college students that allows users to “search for a ride, connect with students and travel together,” Adechi said.


Adechi said Wheeli’s goal is to make hitchhiking for college students safe, smart and cool. All members must have a .edu email to sign up, and then they can post and request rides. Adechi wanted to bring Wheeli to the attention of SGA in order to gain support from the senate.


SGA recognizes DREAM at Salmon Run


A bill recognizing DREAM Salmon Run was approved. DREAM, an organization of college students who mentor children in low-income housing communities, already has an existing program at UVM.


DREAM Salmon Run will work specifically in the neighborhoods of Salmon Run and the Riverside area. According to the bill, the organization strives to collaborate with youth and mentors to create fun and rewarding activities as well as cultivate decision making and leadership skills.  


SGA recognizes Entrepreneurship Club


A bill recognizing the UVM Entrepreneurship Club was passed. According to the group’s mission statement, they strive to enable entrepreneurship access to connection, capital and educational resources.


By becoming SGA recognized the group hopes to get more recognition by the student body and use funding to have venues for guest speakers and events.


SGA supports the efforts of Luis Garcia


A resolution was passed that supports the efforts of  Luis Garcia, dean of the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, in publishing course evaluation results.


Garcia wants to take steps in making course evaluations accessible to students. According to the resolution, the publication of course evaluations will provide valuable input for students when choosing courses.