Squash Club member uses racial slur in email

Pictured is the email containing a racial slur sent by a member of the Squash Club to its entire listserv.
Pictured is the email containing a racial slur sent by a member of the Squash Club to its entire listserv.

The UVM Squash Club is on probation after SGA officials received word of an email that a club member sent out to the club which used a racial slur.

A member of Squash Club sent an email to over 60 students through the club’s listserv Nov. 2, according to the email.

The subject line: “Club Squash? Nah, it’s a squash team my nigga.”

SGA President Jason Maulucci and Chair of Club Affairs Niki Brown were forwarded the email Nov. 3, Maulucci said.

Within an hour of receiving the email, the club signers, senior Grant Robin and Will Vincett, were told that Brown and Maulucci were aware of the email and that the team was was being placed on interim suspension that night, he said.

SGA is handling the matter internally and not giving out the name of the student who wrote the email, Maulucci said.

They took immediate action by putting the club on interim suspension until the club signers could meet with them, he said.

“That night we put them on interim suspension on the grounds that when we recognize every SGA organization the first clause of one of those bills, is you have to follow the code of conduct act that we passed” Maulucci said.

According to the SGA’s code of conduct all clubs must “act in accordance with the university common ground,” he said.

“The very, very first clause in the code of conduct is that you adhere to our common ground. It’s the university’s kind of motto, and the number one thing behind it is you need to be inclusive,” Maulucci said.

According to UVM’s Common Ground the institution aspires to be a community that values respect, integrity, innovation, openness, justice and responsibility.

Robin and Vincett did not respond for comment.

Due to the club’s probation status, all members will have to complete a targeted social justice training course before Thanksgiving break, Malucci said.

The club’s probation was not mentioned in the Nov. 10 SGA meeting due to Brown’s absence.