UVM ethics center gets new name


Due to student confusion, the Center for Student Ethics & Standards has been renamed.

The Center for Student Ethics & Standards has been renamed the Center for Stu- dent Conduct, director Kim Martin said.

The name change occurred this past summer.

The name change serves as an accurate umbrella for the Center for Student Conduct’s programs of Academic Integrity, Community Standards and Conflict Prevention, Martin said.

“Sometimes people were confused by ‘Student Ethics & Standards,’” she said.

Senior Lynden Prior said the new name seems trivial, but hopes it helps some students understand the goals of the center.

“The old name was a little confusing,” Prior said.

Senior Jordan Leabman said she doesn’t think the name is as important as the programs the center provides.

“As long as they continue to provide the services students need, I don’t think the name matters,” Leabman said.