UVM hosts senator for Town Hall


One Vermont Senator returned to Burlington to talk about important issues for young people.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came to UVM Feb.17 for a town hall meeting.

SGA President Aya AL-Namee worked with the Senator to organize the event. She thinks it will be a good opportunity for students to engage with such an instrumental political figure.

“There are a number of issues that are enormously important to young people and to the country as a whole,” Sanders said.

The senator discussed how the high cost of college education is an important issue to students.

When asked if he’s considering running in the 2016 presidential election, Sanders said, “That’s another issue. People can ask any questions that they want. But mostly I want to focus on issues of concern to young people.”

Another important issue Sanders said he hopes to address are issues surrounding climate change.

Sanders also discussed pay equity for women workers.

“Women make about 78 cents to the dollar compared to working men, and that’s another issue we want to talk about,” he said.

He is also concerned about the status of the American middle class, he said.

The senator has held a town meeting at UVM before, many years ago when he was running for Congress.

“I look forward to doing it again,” he said.

Sanders is motivated to hold the meeting  because in the last midterm election, 80 percent of young people did not participate, he said.

“I hope a town meeting where they can ask any questions they want would make them feel more involved in politics,” he said.