Alternatives to the pro sports scene in Vt.

The Vermont Lake Monsters is a Minor League baseball team located in Burlington. However, they are the only professional sports team Vermont has.

With a lack of professional sports in the state, residents and students tend to look elsewhere or their athletic entertainment.

“I’m from Vermont so I’m used to only really getting excited about UVM hockey or basketball,” first-year Ryan Forbes said.

It is no secret that UVM basketball and hockey games sell out fast.

“Even before I came to UVM, I would come to the games because it’s the closest thing we have to professional sports here,” Forbes said.

Gutterson Fieldhouse currently holds a capacity of 4,007 seats, and since 1987 the men’s hockey team has sold out 252 of their last 335 home games, according to UVM athletics.

This isn’t just because the games are exciting to watch and they bring the school and city together. It’s all we have.

Although Burlington has been ranked one of the best college towns in the country, one luxury the city lacks is professional sports.

Universities located around cities such as Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore, Md. have multiple professional sports to root for.

“I’m from Massachusetts and envy some of my friends who go to school in the Boston area,” first-year Ben Deming said.

“Not only do they have a variety of things to do already by being in a major city, they also have a variety of sporting events to go to year round,” he said. Our college sports make up for what we lack professionally, students seem to agree.

“Going to school here and attending the basketball and hockey games, you forget that we really lack professional sports teams. It makes up for it,” sophomore Luke Pessinis said.

Vermont locals seem content with the current situation and will opt for an exciting UVM basketball or hockey game instead.