Athletes enjoy new facilities

Over the past few years, the locker rooms of four UVM varsity sports have been renovated and expanded with private money donated by supporters of the teams.

The men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, as well as the men’s and women’s soccer teams, have gone from small, shared spaces to fully equipped locker room facilities.

“Prior to the team room renovations, these four programs had locker rooms that were well below any acceptable standard for a varsity athletic program,” Senior Associate Athletic Director Jeff Schulman said.

“The University was fortunate to find private donors who had an interest in helping us to address this need and we were able to move forward with the projects.”

Schulman and the coaches of the four teams also commented on the benefits to the teams in terms of recruiting, team chemistry and instruction.

“Prior to the new space, our student-athletes all came to practice from different directions and once it ended, all went their separate ways,” head men’s lacrosse coach Ryan Curtis said. “The locker room gives them a place to just be teammates, spend time together and really form a family-like bond.”

“We have a great space to learn and come together as a team,” head men’s soccer coach Jesse Cormier said.

The locker room for the women’s soccer team is still currently in the process of being renovated.

Though the job is not yet complete, head coach Kwame Lloyd said that the team is enjoying the improvements that have already been made and is looking forward to what is to come.

“For now it gives them a space to hang their boots and gather as we train year round,” Lloyd said.

More expansions of UVM facilities may be possible in the future if the necessary money can be raised.

“While it may take the University many years to complete all of the projects, the campus is likely to see new recreation and athletic facilities as we are able to generate the necessary private financial support.” Schulman said.

“It has been a nice reward to them  as Division I student-athletes  for all the time and effort they put into our program,” head women’s lacrosse coach Jen Johnson said.