Cynic NFL picks

San Diego Chargers vs.
New York Giants
Pick Giants

Eli Manning was drafted first overall in the 2004 NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers.  But he apparently did not want to play in San Diego, so he complained and orchestrated a trade to the Giants in exchange for Phillip Rivers.
Eli wanted to be on a better team and this game will show why he was right.
Baltimore Ravens vs.
Cincinnati Bengals
Pick Ravens

The first time around, the Bengals beat the Ravens 17-14 on a last-second touchdown. This game will be different.  The Bengals are definitely one of the surprise teams in the league this year, but I think when they amassed close to 400 yards against the Ravens’ D in week five, it was a fluke.
The Ravens will shut down Cedric Benson — I never thought I would say that Benson was a key player to look out for — and pull out the win.
Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Pick Cowboys

The last time these two division rivals played was at the end of the regular season last year, and the Eagles embarrassed the ‘Boys to the tune of 44-6.
I’m not sure why, but I think the fortunes will be reversed in this Sunday night game.  McNabb is just too inconsistent for me to take the Eagles two weeks in a row, and, because I took them last week, I can’t take them this week.
Miami Dolphins vs.
New England Patriots
Pick Patriots

The Patriots hate the Dolphins and want to destroy them in this, the first of two games, between these divisional opponents.
Three reasons why I think the Patriots will win: they have the Wildcat offense figured out, the Dolphins are hurting in the secondary and the Patriots always play Miami tough in Foxboro.
Pittsburgh Steelers vs.
Denver Broncos
Pick Steelers

This Monday night match-up features last year’s top defense versus this year’s top defense — the Steelers versus the Broncos respectively.
The Broncos have shown some signs of vulnerability to the pass and with Big Ben second in the league in passing going into week eight, look for the Steelers to pull off the upset.
Houston Texas vs.
Indianapolis Colts
Pick Texans

I’m sticking with the underdogs this week and am proud to pick the Texans’ number one passing offense going into week eight, to upset the Colts and Peyton Manning, the number one rated quarterback in the league.
Schaub vs. Manning, Andre Johnson vs. Reggie Wayne— this one should be fun, not to mention that the Texans seem to always play tough with the Colts.