Former Catamount’s memory will live on

Prior to the men’s lacrosse game against Binghamton University, the UVM athletics department came to together to honor the life of former lacrosse player John Scotnicki ’88, who lost his life to cancer in June 2013.

Instead of retiring his number, UVM athletics and various alumni determined that Scotnicki’s No. 30 would be given to a current lacrosse player who exemplifies some of the same “leadership qualities” as Scotnicki.

“We pondered the idea of retiring his number, but honoring was more suitable because then his memory lives on,” Chris McCabe said.

McCabe is the assistant vice president of marketing and business development at UVM, and a former teammate of Scotnicki’s as well as being a “close friend.”

“Scotnicki lead in a different way — both on and off the field, made everyone feel a part of the team and had enthusiasm that was contagious among members of the team,” he said.

Everyone who circulates in and out of the UVM lacrosse program will know who Scotnicki is and will be able to work towards gaining the jersey No. 30.

This number is associated with leadership, selflessness and dedication to the game of lacrosse, McCabe said.

Scotniki’s devotion to lacrosse also extended to the youth lacrosse sector in Vermont.

“When Scotnicki moved back to Vermont in 2000, he was instrumental in starting the Shelburne youth lacrosse program,” McCabe said.

“He was a doer, energetic, selfless and positive,” he said.