Peaks benefit campus life

Walking around UVM, it is difficult not to notice the picturesque scenery that surrounds the campus.

However, when the winter approaches, it’s a different story.

When UVM’s surrounding mountains start to get snow, the thought and the utter excitement of ski and snowboard season is clearly on the minds of most Catamounts.

Winter’s ultimate playground, Vermont, which Catamounts are happy to call home, is arguably one of the best places to ski and snowboard on the east coast.

Vermont offers approximately 17 mountains on which to ski or board and five college pass deals available for students.

It is easy to see why people around the country choose to attend UVM over other schools.

In addition to this diverse terrain, the Ski and Snowboard Club is also making a positive impact on the ski and snowboard community at UVM.

The club, which is non-competitive, strives to provide students of all abilities and skills with transportation to and from the mountain on Saturdays and Sundays.

The club also supplies its members with discounted season passes and access to their entire sponsor discounts.

Basically, the club is making it more than possible for students to tear up the slopes on the weekends.

“The Ski and Snowboard Club ranks second to the Outing Club in total number of participants, and has approximately 1800 members,” club president Tucker Nixon said.

From this statistic alone one would have to assume that the club is maximizing the ski and board experience for all on campus.

“UVM is unique in that you can get a fantastic education and ski on really great terrain,” club vice president Paolo Rossi said.

Skiing and snowboarding keeps UVM community members active and on their toes.

It is a great way to help buffer the stress that comes with the rigors of school.

For students traveling to the green mountain state to further their education, it is a new beginning toward progressing their skills on the slope.

It is well known that UVM offers a superb education for their students.

But with some of the top ski and snowboard terrain on the east coast, the University provides students with a tremendous ski and snowboard experience that will be unforgettable.

Our neighboring ski mountains around the state of Vermont, coupled with the benefits of the Ski and Snowboard Club make UVM the ideal university experience for anyone moving on to a secondary education with winter fun on their mind.