St. Claire talks track and inspirations

Womens track and field member, senior Brittany St. Claire has seen much success in her four years at UVM.

St. Claire competes in multiple events including the pentathlon, an event that includes the 60-meter hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put and the 800-meter run.

The Cynic sat down with St. Claire to talk about her success.

Vermont Cynic: When did you start running track?

Brittany St. Claire: I started in seventh grade, because I didn’t want to play softball anymore, but I still wanted to do a sport.

VC: Did you start with the pentathlon events?

BS: No, I was a triple jumper in high school and I would do a little bit of long jump. I tried hurdles but then I got too afraid of them, so I tried high jump.

VC: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

BC: I’d say my father because he always pushes me and I want to impress him.

VC: What’s been your best memory from competing here?

BC: I think sophomore year is when I made it to first rounds in north Florida. There were six of us that had qualified and it was such a great experience to be with the team in that sense.