UVM’s football club young, but steadily improving

The men of UVM’s only football team know they are undersized, under-skilled and under-resourced compared to the teams they face, but they are not ready to say they don’t put forth great effort and potential.

“We try to keep a positive attitude,” president and club founder Doug DeLuca said. “Our mental approach to the game and our execution are what’s most important.”

After dropping their first two games of the season, a close 24-17 loss to Castleton State and then a tough 28-3 loss to Norwich University, the club is looking to move forward and improve.

Winning now is important, but not what is most important for the club.  They are still in their infancy, with this fall season being their third year as a club, and second competing against collegiate programs.

Junior vice president Sean Martin agrees, saying the team needs to be competitive to show their growth as a club and as a team.

“We are doing everything we can to get better, but it takes time to develop and build a team — we just don’t have the available resources,” Martin said.

The resources Martin is referring to are a combination of player personnel, equipment for on and off the field and resources that can make it more of a complete program. And for now, the football team will remain a club because in the foreseeable future, getting them established as a varsity team is unlikely to happen.

The club is practicing three times a week, additionally meeting for film sessions once a week. But compared to the 40 hours their competition is putting in a week, the discrepancy is obvious and the results are seen on the field.

Throughout the past two years of playing other collegiate programs, the UVM club football team has yet to win a game against them.

Despite the deck being stacked against the football club, it has not changed their determination to go out, compete and have fun.

“Day to day, we are looking to improve,” DeLuca said. “We are looking to be prepared come game day and play a fluid fast game.”

The club plays a fast, speed-oriented style of football to help counteract their small size.

On offense they run the option, a system designed for a team with small offensive linemen, which is exactly what the team has.

Being a young football club that is struggling for wins, it has not dampened the spirits of UVM students who are happy to support any football that is affiliated with their school, showing up in large numbers with solid crowds at the club’s first two games.

With another home game coming up on Sept. 20, look to the stands for the fans in green, rooting for the team on the field donning the gold and green football uniforms UVM has not seen since 1974.