Why Terrelle Pryor should be a QB – in college

Let me first state that I am a diehard Michigan Wolverine fan. When I was a child — or let’s just say before my 18th birthday — when Michigan would lose, my best friend and I used to take aluminum bats and beat carboard boxes with them.

Now, let’s take a look a Terrelle Pryor. He is a twenty-year-old quarterback — who shares a birthday with yours truly — who stands at 6’6″ and weighs 235 pounds.

Pryor, a disgusting mass of sheer athleticism, can run 40 yards in 4.3 seconds. On top of that, the former basketball star can tip slam a missed shot by Apollo. That’s high up there.

One would assume that someone with these measurables would be a standout wideout, tight end or even linebacker.

Despite conventional logic, Terrelle Pryor is, and should be, a quarterback.

There is no doubt that the former high school phenom could succeed just about anywhereon the field outside the offensive line thanks to his unearthly athleticism.

But the Buckeyes need Pryor at quarterback in order to win. And the coaching staff and the team must realize the incredible talent they have and cater their offense to it.

Pryor chose Ohio State over Michigan — more anger, where are the cardboard boxes to abuse? — because the Buckeyes’ offense provided the opportunity to learn a pro-style offense that uses the spread enough to exploit his abilities all while grooming him to succeed at the next level.

When you have talent like this, you must exploit it. You must be willing mold your system to fit the talents of your best athletes.

And yes, Pryor agreed to go to the Suckeyes with the idea that he’d fit into their system and mold into an NFL-ready pocket passer, but his athletic assets must be catered to by head coach Jim Tressel as well.

Tressel, who I think is a tremendous coach, is known for his conservative play-calling and even for his inability to develop his quarterbacks exceptionally well.

But the guy is a proven coach and he is no idiot; he knows he has a wrecking ball at quarterback that can swing at unparalleled speeds. So now I have a feeling Tressel will bend his offense to allow Pryor to be a playmaker rather than a struggling underclassmen who forgot that he has legs.

Pryor isn’t going to thread the needle from the pocket, but he will breakdown any defender in D1 and gallop by them en route to six when he finds a crease.

So Jim, my enemy, if you want to keep your team at the top, you have to let your stallion loose. It’s how you can win, and how he can succeed.