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A look at UVM’s drug use

A look at UVM's drug use
Staff Report April 23, 2019

Nearly 95% of UVM students who responded to a Cynic survey reported they use or have used recreational drugs. Over 200 undergraduate students were surveyed to gauge the drug culture at UVM. Of the...

Campus alcohol stats decline

Campus alcohol stats decline
Lindsay Freed and Rachel Halpern October 5, 2018

Rebecca Poretsky When senior Wesley L’Italien first came to UVM, he had high expectations for what party life in college would look like, he said. “Friends and older people [said] ‘UVM is a...

Prime Time Cats – Booze v Bud

Prime Time Cats - Booze v Bud
Corey Dew and Kim Henry, Multimedia Reporters September 5, 2018

The idea of college has been so tied to drinking and drugs for so long that Hollywood makes movies about it. But a recent study on alcohol gave us all a bit more information on the subject, and allowed...

You can prevent DUIs to save lives

You can prevent DUIs to save lives
Staff Editorial September 20, 2017

One week ago, a member of our staff was at a small party on campus, drinking with eight of her friends in a residential hall. As the night went on, the group got rowdier. At 11 p.m. one of the...

Report shows drug use in decline

Colin Bushweller October 19, 2016

Reports of drug and alcohol violations are on the decline at UVM. UVM’s annual Clery Report, published Sept. 28, cites evidence that shows drug and alcohol violations are on the decline when compared...

A sobering look at the drinking age in U.S.

A sobering look at the drinking age in U.S.
May 6, 2016

Every Friday night in Burlington, hundreds of people buy booze for their friends and acquaintances who aren’t yet 21.How do I know this? Observation. Experience. Common sense.If I buy three 30-racks,...

New ‘disorder’ is eating away at students

Camilla Broccolo February 4, 2016

It’s Friday night at the dining hall; there’s a line at the pasta station where students are filling up for a long night. It’s no myth that eating a well-balanced meal before drinking can be a big...

Policing that which cannot be policed

Policing that which cannot be policed
September 14, 2015

Like the changing leaves, college kids coming back to town in fall, getting drunk, having parties and annoying their neighbors is as predictable as a pattern of nature. And like nature, it’s constant.This...

Committee to deal with alcohol use

David Dubrul March 10, 2015

In a recent email to the UVM community, President Tom Sullivan addressed the continuing alcohol, marijuana and other drug problems the school faces. One year ago, the president emailed students with a...

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