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There is no room for cultural appropriation in music

There is no room for cultural appropriation in music

Sarah Robinson, Senior Staff Writer

March 1, 2019

As Ariana Grande incessantly reminds us in “7 rings,” she’s single, famous and exorbitantly wealthy. Since her breakup with comedian Pete Davidson, Grande has taken on a very public and inspiring single-girl persona who focuses on her friends, her work and, above all, herself. “7 Rin...

Students warned against offensive Halloween costumes

Hannah Carpino

November 3, 2016

Preceding the weekend of dressing up and parties around college campuses nationwide, an email was sent out to the UVM student body Oct. 27. The email warned of the possibly unintended effects of certain Halloween costumes and encouraged students to be more cognizant of their clothing choices when dressing ...

Campus suits-up for the 2015 Halloween weekend

Camilla Broccolo

October 28, 2015

With the Halloween weekend approaching, students and campus organizations are preparing for the festivities. Students like junior Erin Mahoney use the weekend as an opportunity to go out more. “I plan on going to a party at my friend’s house,” Mahoney said. “I’m going to be a ‘pink l...

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