Protest Day 2: Thursday, Feb. 22

February 24, 2018

5:06 PM

The protesters blocking Main Street continue to block traffic as the sun sets. “We’re standing in the street, until Tom comes to meet.”



5:16 PM

Burlington Police Chief Brandon Del Pozo surveys the scene as NoNames for Justice protesters block Main Street. “The police department rejects the idea that it has an automatic obligation to put an end to any protest that employs civil disobedience.”



5:19 PM

NoNames for Justice form form a line blocking Main Street. They chant “students of color deserve respect; we’re sick of the school’s neglect.”



5:32 PM

Graduate student Doretha Benn (Right), one of the leaders of NoNames for Justice, speaks with Annie Stevens (Left), vice provost of student affairs. “If Tom doesn’t want to address us that’s because Tom is a racist” Brenn said. “This is not towards you, this is towards a white man who time and time again, don’t want to come out here and don’t want to confront people.”



7:47 PM

After moving off of Main Street into the Waterman atrium, senior Diana Allos, events and programming chair of the Womyn of Color Coalition, addresses the protesters. “Tom Sullivan showed where his loyalties lie,” she said. “It seems clear they’re not with students of color on this campus.”



8:45 PM

Dennis P. DePaul, associate dean for student affairs, speaks with Stevens regarding theFeb. 22 protest . When asked where President Tom Sullivan was, DePaul answered “That’ll be the question, I’m guessing, for a while,” DePaul said. “What I heard Annie [Stevens] say is he offered to meet with them tomorrow, so I’m hoping that happens.”

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