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Obscene amount of parking tickets exposes UVM's misuse of power

Obscene amount of parking tickets exposes UVM’s misuse of power

December 1, 2016

UVM has a troubling way of raising funds. No I am not talking about its high tuition rates, the cost of living in the dorms, the cost of the meal plan, the price of non-unlimited foods on-campus...

All Live Matter roots in racism

October 13, 2016

The slogan “All Lives Matter,” at face value, claims to advocate for the equal value of lives; this turn of phrase has troubling connotations and seemingly ignores the problem that Black Lives...

The future of print news in a multimedia-crazed world

September 15, 2016

Those of you who are reading this article are participating in the dying art of journalism.Journalism has been considered sacred since the war for independence, but recent trends have shown this revered...

The Olympics went off the deep end

The Olympics went off the deep end

September 8, 2016

When the Olympics come around biannually, I am continually caught off guard by the sheer ineffectiveness of Olympic diplomacy.Between doping scandals and team rivalries, there seems to be no point to the...

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