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Madeleine Kunin: Serving The Public Good

December 16, 2007

For the past 40 years Madeleine Kunin has served the public good in politics, journalism, and in education. Governor Kunin is now a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Vermont and at Saint Michaels College. Her distinguished career is highlighted by many achievements: Kunin wa...

Catalytic RNA May Provide New Treatment for HIV

February 7, 2006

Dr. John Burke is a professor in the microbiology and molecular genetics department at the University of Vermont, and his research may hold the key to the a new antiviral treatment which would help combat viruses like Hepatitis B and HIV. Dr. Burke has been working with catalytic RNA since the mid-1980's, an...

Professor Profile: Luis Vivanco

September 13, 2005

College is an endless montage of class, books, tests and above all, professors. Ten years from now, you may have to really think hard to remember some of the professors you had. There are certain professors, though, that stand out in our minds, who really impact their students' lives. We are fo...

Professor Profile: Political Science Professor Matthew Moore

October 27, 2004

Good professors are enthusiastic, thought provoking, and engaging. Unfortunately, few contain all of these qualities and usually students are lucky to get one or two of these qualities in their professors. Further, these attributes must be in balance with each other, if not, class becomes silly, me...

Professor Profile: Sasha Davis

February 23, 2004

Usually when a person completes a project or triumphs in some way, he rewards himself with a pat on the back, an ice cream cone, or a well-deserved nap. UVM Assistant Professor of Geography, Sasha Davis, rewards himself with tattoos. However, according to Davis, he "needs to slow down." "I need to s...

Professor Profile: Dr. Judith Van Houten

Elizabeth Engel

February 9, 2004

Dr. Judith L. Van Houten, who has taught in the University of Vermont Biology Department for the past twenty-three years, is an inspiration to students interested in the study of Biology and related fields. During our meeting, she expressed an energetic love for Biology rooted early in her life. When I ...

Professor Profile: Margo Thompson

Andrew Woods

February 2, 2004

Margo Thompson speaks softly, walks confidently, and extrudes a subtle confidence that appears at once to indicate an academic stability and comfort rarely found in the academic halls of UVM. Margo Thompson is an art history professor here at UVM, although she has resided and studied in several places, Ve...

Professor Profile: Major Jackson

November 10, 2003

University of Vermont assistant English professor, Major Jackson may not want to spend too much time thinking about his awards and recognitions, but when looking at his impressive list of accolades it is almost hard not to. Jackson was most recently one of ten U.S. writers to receive the 2003 Whit...

Professor Highlight: Loka Losambe

November 3, 2003

Loka Losambe stands a little over 5'9", speaks with a noticeably French accent and dresses better than many of his colleagues. Loka was born in present day Zaire when it was controlled by Belgium, as the Belgian Congo. He then went on to study at the National University of Zaire; after his stay at th...

Faculty Profile: Deri Meier

October 20, 2003

Professor Frederic, "Deri" Meier walks into classroom 003 in the basement of Kalkin Hall at exactly 2:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon. He carries an L.L. Bean tote bag that has been well loved over the years. His two-button grey pinstripe suit jacket flaps open as he strides while his matching pants br...

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