UVM galleries: art adorns the campus

From a fine arts museum to “hole-in-the-wall” galleries, campus is filled with artwork worth exploring. The exhibits are in constant rotation, so these places can be visited regularly. Each location is hosting an array of new and exciting exhibits this fall, so there is something to satisfy any artistic preference.


  1. The Robert Hull Fleming Museum

The Fleming Museum houses Vermont’s most comprehensive collection of art and anthropology, and it’s located right on Central campus. The Fleming is filled with treasures this fall, hosting modern artists from Pablo Picasso to Jean-Michel Basquiat. There is also a great lineup of events this year, including talks by renowned art historians, a henna workshop and a lecture on the role of coffee in producing art. The Fleming is a great place to expand the mind, whether you’re appreciating some fine art, attending a lecture, studying or drinking a cup of coffee.


  1. Williams Hall

This building may be historical on the outside, but on the inside, it’s filled with innovative and contemporary artwork. The contrast is best experienced in person. Student artwork from upper level art classes is displayed in the hallways and lobbies of each floor. The Francis Colburn art gallery is located on the second floor and displays both local and national artists. New York artist Eric Hibit is currently on display. His work features a variety of mediums including sculptures, paintings and prints. Williams Hall is worth a visit if you’re interested in viewing more contemporary, cutting-edge pieces.


  1. Living/Learning Center Gallery

Directed by Bech Evanimg_6308s of the pottery co-op and Ann Barlow of the photo co-op, this is the most diverse and widely-ranging gallery on the list. It has hosted all sorts of artistic media in the past and is open to local, national and international artists. This gallery is a personal favorite of mine; I never know what to expect before walking in. “The SHE Project, Part 1,” an interactive installation that explores the female image, is currently on display. In the innovative spirit of L/L, artists are fully involved in this gallery, curating their own work, offering talks and hands-on workshops. This spring, students from the L/L Arts Initiative will showcase their work. The gallery is located near the L/L Center Fireplace Lounge.


  1.     Fourth Floor Davis Center

Located in the Livak Fireplace Lounge, this is a student-curated display that really livens up an otherwise bland study spot. The gallery is currently showcasing the artistic talents of UVM alumni, so the subject matter and mediums are diverse; from photographs to abstract expressionist paintings.


Bonus spot:

This spot is another example of how artwork is enhancing UVM buildings all over campus. I never expected to find a collection of local art in the UVM Medical Center, but through a partnership with Burlington City Arts, they host a new assortment of local artists each semester. The subject matter is more serene, featuring interpretations of Vermont inspired scenes and landscapes. If you’re looking for solely local art or want to get into the fall spirit this is great place to visit. The artwork can be found in the rotunda and connecting hallways.