Artist Delivered Usual Crude Style

 Dave Chappelle poses for a shot early in his career.  flickr
Dave Chappelle poses for a shot early in his career. flickr

As I watched Dave Chappelle go through the motions of his masturbation routines on the Flynn MainStage, I realized that this was the stroke of a genius.

“I don’t know fellas, but after I bust a nut something happens where my thinking gets very clear,” Chappelle said. “I think very rational. That’s why, guys with a social life, you’re not suppose to jerk off between the hours of 6 and 10 p.m. It will fuck yo’ whole night up.”

“Your night needs sexual tension … Your buddies be like, ‘Hey, let’s go to a club.’ And you’re like, ‘Hold on let me just jump in the shower.’ Then you rub one off. You get out and you’re like, ‘You know what guys, I think I’m going to stay in.’ It makes you think real clear!

The convoluted ideas that most people unload in the shower to refrain from going to Rasputin’s Bar, became unearthed as Dave Chappelle exposed the brutal truths of our society.

“I heard that 500 factory workers jumped off the roof and killed themselves to protest the horrible conditions that they have to work under [to make the iPhone 6s Plus]. And I say this because this phone is so dope (pause) I bought one anyway, worth every Chinese man’s life”, he said.

It was interesting how Chappelle was able to joke about such dark topics, and quickly slip into another punch line that loosened me up to accept the topic as funny.

While eruptions of laughter flew from the audience, there was a continuous air of tension.

Chappelle is seemingly a relaxed and chilled out dude, although he hired extra security to walk up and down the aisles to kick people out for any type of cell phone usage.

Sitting in an aisle seat, I had security members continuously standing over me and gazing down the row looking for any signs of light emanating from the audience’s laps.

The dynamic was a little strange. Onstage was Chappelle pacing back and forth reveling at his jokes, and offstage were security guards with serious, unamused faces pacing up and down the aisles.  

Chappelle himself even kicked someone out for recording. The extra security was distracting as there were times when I became more focused on whom was being kicked out instead of on the show itself.

Yet, even with the security competing for attention, Chappelle stole the show with his witty and humorous take on gender.

“Transgender people fuck the pronoun game up. Again, I support people to be whoever they feel like they are inside, but my question is, to what degree am I required to participate in your self image?” Chappelle said.

“Is it fair for me to change my whole pronoun game up just because of what you’re wearing? If I put on an argyle sweater—‘Hey everybody I feel like a white guy in this sweater,”Chappelle said.