Band surfs to Burly

The Expendables will be crashing into Higher Ground Feb. 17.

Based  in Santa Cruz, California, The Expendables coast along continuing to make their style of music that mixes genres like surf, punk rock, and reggae.

In 2012, the band tried a new style with “Gone Soft,” which was recorded as an acoustic album.

“We decided to do an acoustic album because the fans wanted it. Then it was just messing with some tempos and melodies to make our songs sound good acoustically,” lead guitarist Raul Bianchi said.

“Whereas a studio album, it’s a whole new process because you have to come up with new material and expand from there,” he said.

One particular song on this album has a music video unlike any other they have made, Bianchi said.

It incorporates a bit more comedy into their music.

“For [the song] ‘Music Move Me,’ it was the first time we hired a comedy production group, and we let them run with it,” Bianchi said.”

He said it was really fun to produce and a great video to watch.

The Expendables recently released their sixth album called “Sand in the Sky” and are about to headline their upcoming tour, Winter Blackout 2015.

Bianchi said the band has no preference of where they play. They love to jam everywhere and anywhere.

“Honestly, even if we play in bumfuck-nowhere we’d still love it as long as the crowd is rocking with us,” Bianchi said. “That’s all that really matters to us, man, just the people who come to our shows.”