Fun in the sun

SpringFest crowd

Saturday was a sunny day filled with an abundance of body tie-dye, truffle fries, friends being escorted to the drunk tank and the highly-anticipated main musical acts Bison, Madalia and The Head and the Heart. 

UPB hosted its annual SpringFest March 31 in the Jeffords parking lot. This was the first year the event has been held at this venue.

In addition to great music, the festival offered food from vendors like Ben & Jerry’s and Samosa Man.  

Concert-goers could also have their faces painted, but the most popular look of the day seemed to be tie-dyed arms, courtesy of Black Light Visuals.    

Bison and Madaila opened for The Head and the Heart, each playing for more than half an hour.

The two bands represented UVM well, as the student band Bison recently won the Battle of the Bands competition in April, and the Burlington-based pop band Madaila includes UVM alumni.    

Junior Sam Tully said he stayed for each band’s entire set, adding that experiencing Bison play live was “sublime.”

Students were excited to answer the question of the day: “If you could describe SpringFest in one word, what would it be?”

Early on in the day, junior Emilie Ferguson and sophomore Julia Levine respectively answered “strange” and “rad.” The students both said they were most excited for The Head and the Heart.

Sophomore Miranda Lan had an alternative view of SpringFest. “Weird that it’s in a parking lot, but still fun. I just wish it was on grass,” Lan said. When asked to reduce her opinion to one word, Lan responded, “Grass.”

The crowd grew almost twice in size after The Head and the Heart arrived on stage. Sophomore Maddie Freed described the experience as “orgasmic” while swaying to the music.

UVM Rescue, though not necessarily there to enjoy the concert in the same way as the students, had a sunny outlook on the festivities. UVM Rescuer  Tim Hwang, a junior, described SpringFest as “warm.”

Officer Brandon King of police services officer surveying the crowd, deemed it unprofessional to give his opinion on the day.

Luckily for the officers and rescue crew, SpringFest was nothing more than a sunny day full of dancing and colorful appendages.

The majority of students questioned had seemingly come prepared to answer the question in the same manner: with the three-word phrase, “so much fun.”

As for my word for SpringFest, I’d have to simply say “bright.”