Hit comedian to perform at the Flynn

 Brian Regan performing a comedy show  flickr
Brian Regan performing a comedy show flickr

One comedian has built a career with a clean style of comedy.

His special, “Brian Regan: Live From Radio City Music Hall,” is the first of its kind to be broadcast live on Comedy Central.   

“Doing stand-up is a rush to begin with.  Being in Radio City Music Hall, which is a venue I’ve never been in, and which is legendary, was an added rush,” Regan said.

“And then knowing that this special was pumping out there live was an even bigger rush,” he said.

Regan has recorded two hour-long specials with Comedy Central. However, Regan said that taping one live was a challenge worth taking on.

“There’s something about being out there in the heat of the moment where your brain figures out a quicker, tighter way to get to something funny,” he said.

Regan said there is a tendency for comedians to overthink when they are writing.  

“At a comedy show, you don’t want people walking out going, ‘man that guy was clever!’  You want people going, ‘that guy was funny,’” he said.

Regan revealed that Radio City security was prepared for the possibility of hecklers, but he stressed that if he was really afraid of them, he never would have filmed it live in the first place.

“It’s impossible for anything to be perfect,” Regan said.  

“You’re going to have little goof-ups here and there,” he said.  “It’s sort of like how a golfer can win the U.S. Open, but he’s still going to have a bogey somewhere in his round.”

The live aspect of the special gives it a feeling of authenticity that an edited special can’t replicate.  

“You want there to be reality between the jokes,” Regan said about his comedy style.

“You want the audience to feel like you know you’re there, and you’re giving them a live show that you care about,” he said.

Regan is often lauded for his clean act, but he spoke of not wanting to be pigeonholed as a clean comedian.

“I don’t like to paint myself in a corner and be one thing.  I like to feel like I’ve grown over the years as a comedian,” Regan said.

Brian Regan has made 28 appearances on the “Late Show with David Letterman” and has been touring the country since the 1980s.