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Comedian Jen Kirkman on life at 44 and Louis C.K.

Comedian Jen Kirkman on life at 44 and Louis C.K.

October 18, 2018

Tommy Lau Comedian Jen Kirkman took over the stage at Vermont Comedy Club with bootcut jeans and plenty of stories to tell. Although best known for being a regular roundtable panelist on “C...

At Skinny P, laughs and snacks

At Skinny P, laughs and snacks

April 5, 2018

On a small stage covered in Christmas lights, comedians grabbed the attention of The Skinny Pancake audience....

Former SNL comedian to perform in Burlington

Former SNL comedian to perform in Burlington

December 1, 2017

Native New York comedian Colin Quinn is bringing some of the Big Apple to where apples are grown. Quinn,...

Award-winning comedian to perform in Burlington

Kim Henry, Senior Staff Writer

June 15, 2017

Filed under Arts

In a summer that promises new comedy in movie theaters, netflix queues and television screens, a classic comic returns to Burlington. Award-winning standup comedian, actor and writer Steven Wright will be performing in Burlington at the Flynn Theater June 16. Since his 1982 debut on The Tonight Show, Wright has been a reg...

Comedy couple cracks business code

Comedy couple cracks business code

February 25, 2016

Comedy found its Burlington home this past November in Vermont Comedy Club, located at 101 Main St. The ...

Comedian doubles the fun for local comedy club

February 4, 2016

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Off-beat and off-the-cuff comedy was on full display at Vermont Comedy Club the weekend of Jan. 22. Canadian comedian Phil Hanley paid a visit to Burlington both Friday and Saturday night. Hanley’s set was equal parts written bits and improvised crowd work.Hanley began his set by talking to members of the audience seated closest t...

Comedy Finds a Home in Burlington

Comedy Finds a Home in Burlington

Eva Bartels

November 7, 2015

Filed under Features

Nathan Hartswick eagerly joined me at my table at Muddy Waters one Thursday afternoon, after weeks of trying to meet. We were finally able to sit down and disc...

Hit comedian to perform at the Flynn

Colin Hekimian

October 13, 2015

Filed under Arts, Previews

One comedian has built a career with a clean style of comedy. His special, “Brian Regan: Live From Radio City Music Hall,” is the first of its kind to be broadcast live on Comedy Central.    “Doing stand-up is a rush to begin with.  Being in Radio City Music Hall, which is a venue I’ve never been in, and...

A review of Demetri Martin’s comedy

September 14, 2015

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I received a message late one night from my friend Ilyssa, explaining to me that a young well-known comedian named Demetri Martin would be performing at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.Given my infatuation with stand-up comedy, I found myself buying the ticket almost instantaneously.The decision was not a total shot in the dark. I had ...

Rape jokes are not humorous

April 7, 2015

Filed under Letter to the Editor, Opinion

The article “Rape Jokes Reveal Injustice” [Mar. 18] is a perfect example of why we need more education regarding rape culture and sexual violence. Joe Vautrin contends that comedian Hannibal Buress “helped bring a serial rapist [Bill Cosby] to justice … with a rape joke,” which just shows that Vautrin is uneducate...

April Fools’ Day comedy show cancelled

Jackie Morris

April 1, 2015

Filed under Campus Life, Life

UVM’s annual April Fools’ Day comedy show has been cancelled. This years’ show was set to be hosted by Godfrey C. Danchimah, professionally known as Godfrey. The comedy show was cancelled due to Godfrey having an “unexpected obligation,” according to the University Program Bored. Comedians like Erik Griffin from...

Rape jokes reveal injustice

March 17, 2015

Filed under Letter to the Editor, Opinion

Dear Editor,I would like to bring to your attention the dangers of censorship as they pertain to comedy, specifically how they relate to the touchy subject of rape jokes.Comedians and feminists have almost always been at odds, and rape jokes have been a central point of this contention. I admit I am biased in this debate.I ...

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