Former SNL comedian to perform in Burlington


Credit: Facebook

New York comedian Colin Quinn. Quinn, known for his work on Saturday Night Live, will perform at Higher Ground Dec. 2.

Dahlia Maleh, Staff Writer

Native New York comedian Colin Quinn is bringing some of the Big Apple to where apples are grown.

Quinn, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, will be performing at Higher Ground Dec. 2 as part of his One In Every Crowd Tour.

His satire filled Twitter has made him a hit with users who understand his sarcasm.
First-year Lauren Giammarella, became aware of Colin through twitter and has since become a fan.

“He is blunt and speaks his mind. I feel like he is being real during his sets and that’s appreciated,” Giammarella said.

Many may know Quinn for his time spent as a Weekend Update host on Saturday Night Live and from his now-defunct comedy news show “Tough Crowd.”

He has also starred in Amy Schumer’s movie, Trainwreck, as her father and has made multiple appearances on the HBO series “Girls”.

He has also acted in several Off-Broadway one man shows including “The New York Story” which was directed by Jerry Seinfeld. It can be streamed on Netflix.

Through his one man shows, TV performances and stand up bits, Colin gives off the vibe of a cool uncle who is in with the times but knows not to call himself “hip.”

An overarching topic in his set is about that one tough person in every crowd, Quinn said.

“In every office, every gym, every group of friends, there is one toxic person that just wants to ruin the good time for everyone else,” he said.

Quinn’s four month tour goes all over the US and hits several larger college towns including Syracuse, Madison, Boston and Albany. He shared his excitement about performing for a younger crowd.

“Your generation listens to comedy much more interested in what I am talking about instead of just jokes,” Quinn said. He expressed great appreciation for this new type of audience because he feels like he can talk about real life issues and add comedy into it.

The show will also touch on the topic of the democratic system.

“Democracy is one system that I am really going scrutinize what it means. And there will be a divorce our country faces. Democracy is supposed to be acoustic, not electric—and that’s what killed us,” Quinn said.

Quinns’ set is thought provoking. He encourages critical thinking about how the way things work and his routine shares a lot of what he has figured out and is striving to understand.

Tickets are available on Higher Ground’s website for $35 or at the show for $38.