Jazz-rock returns to Burlington

Jon Zinter

Students are excited for the return of a funky smooth pianist to Vermont.

Marco Benevento, a jazz -rock artist, will be playing Signal Kitchen, April 4. Sophomore Josh Ross said he looks forward to the show. “The ivories [or piano] were made for Marco,” Ross said. “He guides the notes through stories of mythic nostalgia.”

Benevento’s project consists of him, bassist Dave Dreiwitz of Ween and drummer Andy Borger. “Playing with Dave and Andy is where it’s at for me,” Benevento said.

“I love touring around playing piano and having all the compositions be my own. I like the fact I can sort of design what I want to do with music.”

Benevento is on tour in support of his new album “Swift,” released in September under his own record label, The Royal Potato Family. This is the first studio album on which Benevento sings his own lyrics. “‘Swift’ is a more cohesive record,” Benevento said. “The songs fall into the same sort of genre.”

“I’m really excited about the show,” junior Graham Wright said. “Marco lets his soul flow through his fingers.”

His show will feature songs from the new album and other projects, as well as plenty of improvisation, Benevento said. “The way it all mixes in together is great,” Benevento said. “There’s a live element to all the tunes.” “The three of us get along very well, so the improv is just easy,” Benevento said.

“We’re all responsive on stage, trying to create conversation and let it build to its best level.”