Kanye disappoints listeners with most recent release

Kanye West has a reputation of being ridiculous and over-the-top, and his newest release “The Life of Pablo” has everyone’s knickers in a twist.

The album provoked reactions from many college students before they had even listened to it, as it’s not available on conventional media platforms such as iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud.

Instead, “The Life of Pablo” is available through Tidal, a lesser-known music streaming service owned by Jay-Z.

Tidal has been rejected by college students and notable artists like Mumford and Sons and Lily Allen, according to Billboard.

The steep $20 monthly price tag is one reason to turn the other cheek, since there are countless means of free streaming.

However, this album puts Kanye fans in a unique position: either pay for Tidal, miss out on the album or download it illegally.

Scan 2You can probably guess what option most college students pick.

First-year Cassie Szogas said she feels this puts listeners in a tough position.

“I don’t necessarily want to illegally download the album,” Szogas said.

“But if we’re being realistic here, there’s no way I’m paying the fee, so I’m really left with no choice if I want to get a hold of this album but to pirate it somehow.”

Aside from difficulty acquiring the album, fans have expressed strong opinions about West’s artistry and production.

First-year Sam Hedlund said he is conflicted by the lack of connection between the music and the lyrics.

The production of the album is “absolutely beautiful,” Hedlund said, but soiled by the fact “Kanye shits all over it with his lyrics,” obstructing his ability to fully appreciate the work.

“There’s a disconnect between the beauty of the music and the aggressiveness and abrasiveness of his lyrics,” he said. “All he talks about is violent sex.”

In a review for Pitchfork, senior editor Jayson Greene agreed the album was lacking in craftsmanship.  

“There’s something distinctly preoccupied about this whole project — it feels wry, hurried, mostly good-natured and somewhat sloppy,” Greene wrote.

He added that perhaps the album, which hasn’t even appeared on Billboard charts, is a sign of West settling down with his family.

Sophomore Jason Bard agrees  the album is lacking lyric-wise and describes it as “obnoxious and cheap at times.”

Bard said his theory is that West meant for this release to disappoint his fans as an artistic statement.

Kanye’s backhanded intent to disappoint fans would add a serious twist, making “The Life of Pablo” particularly evocative.

The rushed vibe and sound adds to the “aesthetic value and general artistry” by expressing supposed rawness and truth behind the lyrics, Bard said.

All in all, most listeners can come to a consensus that this was a typical Kanye move because of how atypical it is.

The album is consistent with the character that Kanye plays, Bard said.  

“He says some ridiculous, dumb and outlandish things because he’s kind of trying to get a reaction out of you, which is clearly working,” he said.

“He also says some deep and smart things to show he’s in control of the madness, or at least it seems.”