This year at SpringFest: A ferris wheel

The SpringFest posters around campus are advertising more than just the bands this year.

“Did you know there is going to be a ferris wheel at SpringFest this year?” said Annie Stevens, vice provost for student affairs. The ferris wheel will become a reality at the outdoor concert later this month. Some students said that it increased their interest in the event.

“I honestly think that changes everything. I wasn’t [planning on going], I feel like I have already experienced SpringFest my freshman year,” junior Elizabeth Callahan said. “But if there is going to be a ferris wheel I am much more excited about it,” she said.

“It’ll be between Buckham and Wills and it will probably be centered in there,” Director of Capital Planning and Management Bob Vaughan said. The ferris wheel will also result in the early removal of a couple small trees that would have ultimately been cut down during the construction projects of this summer, Vaughan said.

Despite all of the plans for SpringFest 2015, the implementation rests on one thing: the weather.